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Panaromic Encompass

Model# HF100-EAGLE

Patient comfort and confidence is vital in capturing optimal quality throughout an X-ray scan. Encompass™ achieves this through side entry access with face-to-face orientation, allowing clinical staff the ability to easily guide patients throughout the positioning and capture process.
Encompass™ also features tools such as Carbon Fiber Temple Supports, Multi-Point Laser Alignment, and a Stationery Bite Block to easily direct patients for perfect posture and position in every type of radiographic exam from panoramic & TMJ, to cephalometric and extraoral bitewing.

Dr. Kashnai


Model# 420596-18

SybronEndo Elements Motor adapts the motion based on the amount of pressure on the file. It may or may not reciprocate and does not pull into the canal. Reciprocating angles may vary: No load 600° forward and 0° backwards, loaded 370° forward and up to 50° backwards, based on file load.

Dr. Mishra

Cavitron Plus

Model# GEN136

The Cavitron® brand has become synonymous with ultrasonic scaling. Dedicated to providing end to end solutions in dental hygiene, Cavitron products have continued to evolve to best serve you, your patients and your practice. Features unique to Cavitron include Tap-On Technology and Prophy Auto Cycles; 360° wireless foot control; 330° handpiece with swivel; and a unique diagnostic display.
The latest Cavitron® Plus 30kHz magnetostrictive scaling unit has been redesigned with ergonomics and performance in mind; incorporating the new and improved features including Tap-On Technology, a Turbo mode and a improved lavage control on the handpiece.

Dr. Mishra

Opti Mix Amalgamator

Model# 100

Opti Mix Amalgator is fully computerized and programmable amalgamator, OptiMix is designed to ensure perfect mix-to-mix consistency and performance. Use the OptiMix with Kerr's great family of alloys – Tytin™, Tytin™ FC, and Contour™ – for a perfect match.
OptiMix is the no-cards solution to capsule mixing. A fully programmed microprocessor controls its operation, continuously verifying cycles per minute. With the OptiMix system, there's no need for control cards. Preset for all Kerr amalgam capsules, OptiMix also offers keyboard programming for custom mixing and a message display in six languages. An LED readout confirms capsule type, mixing times and speed.

Dr. Mishra

Belmont Hand Xray

Model# 096-2

Belmont Hand Xray is Smaller and lighter. Its rear mounted tube with long cone takes less space. It takes sharper image and needs less magnification. Patient are exposed to less radiation (30% less beam spread). For optimization of diagnostic imaging techniques we have 60/70 kV settings. Its easy to use and has intuitive controls

Dr. Siraj R. Baig